EUROECOTOX is a European Network established to promote the integration of European activities on the refinement, reduction and replacement of animal experiments in ecotoxicology.

The intent of EUROECOTOX database of bioassays is to assist in identifying alternative methods helpful in supporting the development, testing, application, and validation of alternatives to the use of animals in ecotoxicology testing.


The following three interlinked sub-databases are covered:

Alternative assays ("3Rs" of alternatives) include only those methods which meet at least one of the 3R (refine, reduce, and replace) criteria. There is a link to a standard assay counterpart. Moreover, the state of development and the scientific or official acceptance of alternative methods is assessed and documented. To this end, a distinction is made between the criteria "experimental", "prevalidation", "ongoing validation", "validated" and "regulatory test".

Standard assays include standardised animal tests for ecotoxicity testing. There is a link to an alternative assay counterpart.

Contacts include researchers who are working with the alternative assays.